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Improve Safety Awareness by “ Production Safety Activities”

2015-03-16 12:43:24

Safety production is the important guarantee of enterprise development , as well as the important concept which QLZG always implement in daily production and operation . In order to reinforce the employee’s safety awareness by study the company safety rules,we have carried out a series of “safe production” activities since Jan.

QLZG photography association organized a photo contest called “ safety in my heart” .With the theme of “ people- oriented, safety-oriented” , the contest not only attracted “ shutterbugs” ,but also many production line workers . With an active atmosphere ,most photo select technical workers in safety production operation as models ,in order to show the importance of “ safety production” in QLZG technical operation workers” heart .

“Safety first” is an eternal theme ofenterprises ,only safe development is the healthy and harmonious development .