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What’s The Character of Belt Conveyor:

2015-4-16 12:47:53

Belt conveyor is one of the important delivery equipment to send bulk materials continuously. They are not only used on inner stuff transfer but also extenal delivery.These machines apply in the fields of metallurgy, mine, coal, port, power plant, construction, chemical, light industry, petroleum. Conveyor belt works as the draught component of belt conveyor. Reference picture as follow: belt circle is formed when conveyor2 is passing by driving roller1 and diverting roller4. Supporting roller3 supports the whole belt. Tense set offers enough tensile force for belt running. As the machine working, the driving sets drive roller and the friction between rollers and belt will make the belt running. So the stuff needs to be transferred that can run follow the belt. As usual it unloads stuff at the end of conveyor but also can change to half unloading one by adding special components.