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QLZG Passed the ISO9001 Audits

2014-9-16 12:43:59

On Sept.12th and 13th, QLZG ISO9001 quality system certification audits conference smoothly passed this year. The purpose of this external audit is to review the conformity and effectiveness of the quality management system . Shaoguan certification center experts conducted a comprehensive review of each department includes company’s R&D ,sales and management,and other aspects .

For preparation of the external audit ,the company administration department has organized a comprehensive internal audit early in September . We made positive improvement for the disqualification and tracking for the improvements.These actions laid a good foundation for the pass of the final audit.

External auditors in by asking ,the scene view and check according to checklists ,after two days of strict audit,finally announced that: ISO9001:2008 quality management system running in good condition mwith continuing suitability ,adequacy and effectiveness,in line with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system requirements. Especially gave high evaluation for our current system standard combined with actual situation in our company.

This time QLZG smoothly passed the quality supervision audit,means the company’s quality management level constantly maintained and developed. In order to ensure the quality management system in our company run more effectively,we still have a lot of work to do .To better understand ISO9001, as the organization adjustment, we should combine the requirements of ISO9001 to determine job responsibilities ,determine the work flow,revision and improvement system documents,effectively promote the enterprise management.